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Refund Policy

Paramount International University administers refunds in accordance to administrative governance. Whether a fee is refundable, in part or whole varies according to the particular fee and study duration with the University.

Student that complies with all conditions stated in this policy guide, the university shall refund to the student, within 30 days of receipt of the cancellation request.

Refund Policy

The University will ensure that all money due to the student will be refunded within 30 days of the cancellation request. The following guidelines are use to determine the amount that will be refunded to students.

1. Students who cancel within five days after enrolling will receive a refund of all money paid to PUT.

2. All students withdrawing after five calendar days will be charged a 20% Registration Fee (maximum $200). The remaining tuition will be refunded based on the course date and the tuition percentage amounts listed below.

  • 1st Week 80%
  • 2nd Week 60%
  • 3rd Week 40%
  • 4th Week 20%
  • 5th Week 0%

3. All courses must be completed within ten-weeks (70 days) from the course start date. A course start date is defined as ten days from the date the course study guide is shipped to the student. If the student chooses to take the course online, the start date will be one day after the student is granted access.

4. Students that are not able to complete the course within the specified time frame will need to write in and inform the University that an extension of study time is required. Students will be charged an additional USD50/- and an extension study time of maximum of 30 days will be given.

Breakage Fee

The University will charge a fee for equipment broken by the student.

Consumable Instructional Supplies

The University makes a separate charge for consumable instruction supplies, as distinguished from laboratory fees, the exact amount of the charges for supplies may be retained; any remaining charges will be refunded.

Books, Supplies, and Equipment

Student purchases his or her books, supplies, and equipment from a bookstore or other source and the cost of such items is separate and independent from the charges made by the University, the student may retain or dispose of such items at his or her own discretion. If the University furnishes the books, supplies, and equipment with the cost thereof included in the total charge payable to the University for the courses, and the student withdraws or is discontinued prior to the completion of the course, refund will be made in full for the amount of the charge for the un-issued books, supplies, and equipment. Issued items may be disposed of at the student’s discretion.