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Message From President

Rapid technological changes taking place around the globe require educational establishments to provide cost-effective services consistent with the market trends. With the emergence of the internet there is an increasing awareness that distance or e-education represents the ultimate solution. Although there are a large number of institutions specializing in distance-education services, they tend to suffer from several disadvantages including the high cost of education and the lack of market-based knowledge of the developing countries.

In most cases, the tuition cost alone effectively makes degree programs out-of-reach for students in most developing countries. In addition, the course work typically has been developed for the US economic environment; in most foreign countries, the skill level being a function of the economic development, is vastly different. Paramount International University was established to offer:

  • Degree programs in Business, Information Technology and Engineering with specialization in microelectronics at an affordable cost for students in the US and developing countries.
  • Industry and market-based degree programs,
  • Global expansion of educational programs through international partners consistent with the local environments.

We take enormous pride in our high academic standards, eminent faculty, and the fact that we can present through our University, an equal opportunity to:

  • those who are experiencing career transitions,
  • those who, for whatever reason, did not matriculate or graduate,
  • those who need to adapt academic studies to work responsibilities,
  • those who travel frequently thereby missing mandatory classroom attendance, and
  • those who are physically challenged or who face health restrictions.

We, at Paramount International University wish each of you a happy, rewarding and meaningful educational journey and look forward to working with you to ensure your prosperous future.

Dr. MichaelC. McGowan, PhD