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» Benefits of Paramount e-learning/online education

With Paramount E-learning/Online education, you can:

  • enroll at any time of the year
  • study at your own pace
  • study anywhere and anytime that is convenient for you
  • pay as you go
» Paramount’s innovative self-paced training
Paramount International University has developed an innovative self-paced learning and study system which makes certain that all students gain the maximum benefit from their training . Online education through  Paramount puts you in control, allowing you to tailor your program to your personal or professional needs.
» Paramount Affordable Tuition Options

Paramount ‘s flexible tuition options enable you to select the study mode that best suits your lifestyle, you now have the option to study online, anywhere, anytime, via our revolutionary e-learning platform.  Kindly browse the Tuition Fee to view the payment plans.

» Scholarships & Financial Aids at Paramount International University

There are partial scholarship and easy monthly payments plans available for limited time. Please contact Paramount International University at info@paramount.edu for further information and assistance.

» Affiliation & Partnership with Paramount International University

Currently Paramount International University is looking for Affiliates, Partners and Recruiting Agents worldwide. Interested parties are requested to completed the APPLICATION FORM FOR AFFILIATION.