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To be the leading international institution of higher learning committed to providing excellent online academic programs and educational experiences for the benefit of international and national communities.


The following strategic goals guide Paramount International University in meeting its mission:

E-Learning and Quality Management

The University aims to provide courses of study and an e-learning environment at the highest possible quality to meet individual and national needs, as well as internationally recognized standards.

Resource Development

The University seeks to organize and manage its affairs to achieve the most efficient and effective use of its resources in the pursuit of its mission and goals, in the belief that excellence in teaching and research must be supported by excellence in organization and management.

Staffing and Industrial Relation Development

The primary staffing goal of the University is to attract, develop and retain staff of the highest quality, and to provide a working environment which will enable the staff to maximize their contribution to the achievement of the University's mission and goals.

Research Development

The University is committed to the achievement of high quality research across the whole spectrum of its disciplines; and additionally, to the development of special research concentrations in selected areas of particular strength, importance and opportunity.

Business and Finance Development

The University's primary financial goal has two components: the first is to maximize the resources available to the University and the second is to optimize the efficient and effective use of scarce resources in the achievement of the strategic plans of the University and its constituent parts.

External & Community Relations Development

The University seeks to build strong relationships with national and international communities in which it plays an active role (including academic, professional, business, graduate and cultural communities) and believes that community service is an integral component of the University's role.


The following values and principles provide the basis for the pursuit of the University's mission:


We value diversity because it enhances our education and because it provides tools to be culturally respectful, professionally competent and civically responsible.


The University is committed to the general principle that it should strive for excellence in quality and dynamic learning in all its activities.

Ethical Standards

The University fosters the values of openness, honesty, tolerance, fairness and responsibility in social and moral, as well as academic matters.

Continuous Devlopment & Evaluation

The University is committed to the continuous development and regular evaluation of its activities and processes