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In an increasingly uncertain business environment, the task of managing has become more complex and demanding. The key to business survival in the future lies in developing leaders who can effectively respond to the rapidly unfolding challenges of tomorrow. The MBA program offered by Paramount University of Technology has been designed precisely to cater to this need.

The MBA program is designed to advance learner careers in management by acquiring a working knowledge of sophisticated analytical and quantitative techniques for the solution of management problems. The program is designed to develop individuals with outstanding managerial skills, expertise in decision making, and a capacity for sustained hard work.

Learners must complete a total of 46 credit hours to be eligible for the award of Master of Business Administration. Learners must satisfy MBA core courses by completing 30 credit hours and remaining 16 credit hours are earned from the concentrations, electives and university orientation course. A full-time student will take an average of one and a half month to complete 3 credits.

Learner’s can begin their course of study when they are ready and within defined parameters progress at your own pace. Learners may take more than one course at a time, however it is recommend that you do not, at least until you become entirely comfortable with your study system. The distance learning element of the program guarantees that learning takes place without any sort of disruption to learner careers

Program Learning Outcome

Upon graduation, learners are expected to demonstrate the following skill set; 

  • able to help an organization grow and personal enhancement when dealing with moral and ethical issues;
  • able to demonstrate knowledge in finance, marketing, economics, global markets and business;
  • acquire effective decision making skills, using appropriate quantitative and qualitative tools and management skills to improve organization’s productivity, performance, and profitability;
  • acquire leadership skills to be an entrepreneur and manage human resource issues;
  • effectively use information technology to develop new business ventures and means to efficiently manage business;
  • demonstrate a good written communication skill;
  • develop an acceptable skill level in collecting data, analyze the data collected, interpret the results obtained and prepare a strategic report to overcome problems identified.

Admission Requirements

A Bachelor Degree from a recognized institution of higher learning; or a minimum of 120 semester hours of undergraduate credit.

Degree Requirements

  • Successful completion of 46 credits hours;
  • A minimum 31 credit hour out of total 46 credit hour requirement must be completed with PUT;
  • Maintain an 2.0 grade point average.


Master of Business Administration - Core Courses
ORI1101   Orientation 1 Credit Hours  
MBA5101   Managerial Economics    3 Credit Hours  
MBA5102   Strategic Management 3 Credit Hours  
MBA5103   Human Resource Management 3 Credit Hours  
MBA5104   Quality Management 3 Credit Hours  
MBA5106   Organization Behavior 3 Credit Hours  
MBA5112   Cross Culture Management 3 Credit Hours  
MBA5107   Business Ethics 3 Credit Hours  
MBA5113   Economics for Managers 3 Credit Hours  
MBA5105   Entrepreneurship 3 Credit Hours  
MBA5108   Research Methodology 3 Credit Hours  

Master of Business Administration - Elective Courses - Select a minimum of 5 courses or Equivalent to 15 credit hours

MBA5109   International Business   3 Credit Hours  
MBA5115   Thesis 6 Credit Hours  
MBA5110   E-Business Systems 3 Credit Hours  
MBA5130   Operations & Systems Management 3 Credit Hours  
MBA5111   Quantitative Methods 3 Credit Hours  
MBA5118   Marketing Management 3 Credit Hours  
    Total Credit Hours 46 Credit Hours  


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