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Grading System

The University awards a letter grade to each course for which grade points are earned based on a 4-point system. The system shown below is the basis for computation of student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA).


 Grade Definition Aggregate Marks  Grade Point
A Excellent 90 -100 4
B Above Average 80 - 89 3
C Average 70 - 79 2
D Below Average 60 - 69 1
F Fail < 60 0
PR Progress - 0
W Withdrew - 0
I Incomplete - 0
TR Transferred - 0

A PR grade is used to indicate that a course is in progress but not completed. W grade is used for approved administrative withdrawal from a course. TR grade is used for courses that are completed at recognized Institution of Higher Learning and are approved as transfer credit by Paramount International University.

Cumulative GPA is computed by dividing the total numbers of grade points earned at the University by the total number of attempted credit hours

Courses given a grade of a PR, I, TR and W are not computed in the student’s GPA. Acceptable transfer credit (TR) counts towards graduation, but are not computed in the student’s GPA at Paramount International University