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University's E-CAMPUS provides online records whereby students can view  their admission records, financial records, academic records i.e. courses enrolled , grades achieved and CGPA.


There are two types of learning interactivities that is available on Paramount E-Campus

  • Interaction with content that comprising of study guides, lecture notes, reference books, video/audio lectures and other relevant study materials.
  • Interpersonal Interaction includes both instructor-student and student-student communication without regard to time and place.

Students using the University's E-CAMPUS will also be able to view and access the following information online:

  • Personal records including program enrolled, home address, contact phone number, number of credit hour required for completion of the program, a list of courses required, and list of courses that are exempted.
  • Paramount E-Campus offers over 23,000 online e-book for student reference.
  • Financial records including total tuition fee, tuition fee paid and balance of tuition fee.
  • Academic records including course grades, credits earned, grade point average and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).