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Construction is a basic industry that builds factories, airports, roads, hospitals, offices, schools, and homes. However, there is no focus for the construction industry. Rather construction is highly fragmented according to type of construction (bridges, industrial, commercial) or by specialty trades (mechanical, electrical, plumbing).

The program is designed to acquaint students with the fundamental concerns and the requirements of managing a construction project, to provide students with tools, which can assist in managing projects, and to expose students to some of the current trends and problems in construction.

The Construction Management program is designed to prepare professionals for positions in the construction industry. Emphasis is placed on methods of construction, construction procedures, law, estimating, scheduling, and management procedures.

Learners are required to complete a total of 124 credit hours for completion of the BSCM program. Learners must satisfy the General Education requirements by completing 42 credit hour of college-level course work that includes social science courses to help them develop the critical thinking skills necessary to fill responsible leadership positions. The remaining 82 credit hours are earned from the core, elective, concentrations and university orientation course. A full-time student will take an average of one and a half month to complete 3 credits.
Learner’s can begin their course of study when they are ready and within defined parameters progress at your own pace. Learners may take more than one course at a time, however it is recommend that you do not, at least until you become entirely comfortable with your study system. The distance learning element of the program guarantees that learning takes place without any sort of disruption to learner careers.

Program Learning Outcome

Upon graduation, learners are expected to demonstrate the following skill set; 

  • ability to understand the effects of construction business and importance of planning and maintaining good construction business practices;
  • ability to integrate information into a strategic plan;
  • ability to become more proficient in analysis, decision making, construction skills and management;
  • demonstrate understanding on construction management concepts, moral ethics in doing business and society, laws governing business and develop entrepreneur skills;

Admission Requirements

Entry Qualification an Associate Degree or its equivalent.

Degree Requirements

  • Successful completion of 124 credits hours;
  • Student must satisfy a minimum of 63 credit  hours with PUT;
  • Maintain a 2.0 grade point average


General Education 42 Credit Hours  
ORI1101   Orientation 1 Credit Hours  
IT1101   Computer Essentials 3 Credit Hours  
MA1122   Engineering Mathematics 3 Credit Hours  
BSCM1108   Construction Planning & Management 3 Credit Hours  
BSCM2101   Field Inspection and Safety 3 Credit Hours  
ASBA2102   Introduction to Business 3 Credit Hours  
BSCM2103   Statics & Strength of Material 3 Credit Hours  
BSCM2104   Technical Writing 3 Credit Hours  
BSCM2105   Property Evaluation and Investment Management 3 Credit Hours  
IT3101   Management Information Systems   3 Credit Hours  
BSBA3101   Principles of Management 3 Credit Hours  
BSCM3102   Construction Law 3 Credit Hours  
BSCM3103   Engineering Ethics 3 Credit Hours  
BSCM3104   Structural Analysis 3 Credit Hours  
BSCM3105   Construction Materials and Procedures 3 Credit Hours  
BSCM3201   Operation and Project Management 3 Credit Hours  
BSCM3108   Plans and Specifications 3 Credit Hours  
BSBA3109   Human Resource Management 3 Credit Hours  
BSBA3111   Entrepreneurship 3 Credit Hours  
BSBA3110   Leadership 3 Credit Hours  

BS Construction Management - Concentration in Civil

BSCM4119   Soil Mechanics and Foundation 3 Credit Hours  
BSCM4120   Green and Sustainable Civil Engineering 3 Credit Hours  
BSCM4105   Surveying, Metrics and GIS 3 Credit Hours  
BSCM4122   Reinforced Concrete Design 3 Credit Hours  
BSCM4413   Environmental Modeling 3 Credit Hours  
BSCM4422   Land Use Planning 3 Credit Hours  
BSCM4320   Traffic Safety 3 Credit Hours  
BSCM4333   Urban Planning 3 Credit Hours  

BS Construction Management - Concentration in Architecture

BSCA3201   History of Architecture 3 Credit Hours  
BSCA3202   Interior Architecture 3 Credit Hours  
BSCA3323   Building Technology & Services 3 Credit Hours  
BSCA3332   Landscape Architecture 3 Credit Hours  
BSCA4501   Architectural Practice and Management 3 Credit Hours  
BSCA4402   Building Law 3 Credit Hours  
BSCA4323   Housing & Human Settlements 3 Credit Hours  
BSCA4332   Cost planning & Building Economics 3 Credit Hours  
    Total Credit Hours 124 Credit Hours


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