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Admission Process

Ā Application for Admission

  • Complete the Application for Admission either ONLINE or send by mail.
  • A non-refundable Application Fee of $100.00 is payable upon submitting an Application for Admission.
  • Include copies of official transcripts for prior academic credit earned. An official transcript includes the institution's official seal and the signature of an institution official. Copies and faxes do not satisfy this requirement. If you do not have student copies of your transcripts, request them from the appropriate institution and have them send directly to PUT.
  • Document or list all your non-academic learning experiences, i.e. workshops, seminars, military training, etc


  • Paramount International University will conduct an evaluation of the applicants academic credits within five to seven working days after receiving a completed application.
  • Upon completion of the evaluation, PUT will prepare an enrollment package that will include an acceptance letter as well as a detailed report defining the applicants program of study and approved transferable credits.
  • The enrollment package will also include all the information needed to complete the admission process and to begin the first course. The enrollment package will be mailed to the accepted candidate with in five to seven days after the approval process.